Mark Thompson

I’ve been a very happy customer of Somerset Technical Solutions for Over 2 years.

In that time I’ve never logged a call that hasn’t been replied to promptly and efficiently.

My business relies on my sites being up secure and running fast, STS ensures they are.

With over 15 years in the IT Industry and 9 years of running my own servers I have never come across support and service like this.

I have absolutely no qualms about Giving Anthony and the Team my highest recommendation, everyone I’ve recommended him to has had similar experiences.

Speedy Pixels: Server Setup and Migrations

This project was a simple setup and migration, Jonathan had previously been with using a WHM reseller account and paying a fair amount for it, after initial discussions and reccomendations and the desire to move to 2 seperate servers in US and UK for the respective clients we agreed on using ISPmanager Pro, due to the initial limitations on server spec.

OK, I was getting a bit big for a shared hosting reseller account and liked the idea of having nodes in the US and in the UK with VPS as I have clients in each area.

I wanted the server root access that came with VPS but boy I didn’t have a clue what to do or have any server experience.

I kept reading forum comments about this Anthony Somerset bloke. He seemed to know what he was talking about so I looked him up.

It’s tough to put all your trust and your companies trust into someones hands that you have never met or even spoken. I made first contact and very quickly my mind was put at ease as he was a really nice guy.

So I wanted two nodes with an ocean between them – I discussed various options with Anthony and what the nodes would be used for – he suggested ISP Manager on both. Having previously been with cpanel and WHM this was all new to me.

So we agreed a simple rate to install all the software and make them rock solid secure servers. Right away he sent me invoices and I paid – crossing my fingers.

Then I just let him get to work – boy he was fast within 48hrs the servers were set up and configured including all the security tweaks.

It was then time to start moving content and accounts over to my two shiny new servers!

I have a few troublesome clients, one only accessing email online so Anthony needed to move his entire account to the new server – and then there is the US based company with so many GB of data stored in their profile!

Anthony took all this in his stride. We talked daily on Skype – sometimes into the early hours resolving issues.

At no point did Anthony say he was too busy for my endless questions and requests. He was GREAT and I couldn’t have done any of it without him. I would recommend him to anyone (He knows a hell of a lot about Mac stuff too if ya interested).

I continue to use him for all manner of server things – he is brill – give him a try!

Adrian Holloway: The Shock of Your Life

The Shock of your life Homepage Screenshot is a blog site for Adrian Holloway, this site was built to advertise the two books he has previously published and also as a place for him to blog about topics that are raised from the books. this site was built using the Drupal CMS framework and a fully custom theme, it leverages the power of Drupal modules such as Twitter, Views and CCK, using TinyMCE as a content editor to make creation of rich blog posts a walk in the park. this was built over the summer of 2009 to replace his very aging old site which was at the time 10 years old and html only.

Client Testimonial (Via Email):

“Thank you so much.
I think it looks great. MASSIVE WELL DONE TO YOU!
I think it is brilliant. I am so pleased”