LogicSpot – Server Upgrades

I’m impressed. Really impressed. I go out, sit in a marketplace, drink beer and eat with my family, I come back, the server’s done. I can get used to this.

Rick Anderson: BYOB Website – Server Migration

Anthony tripled the speed of my website through tweaks to the server and adjustment of WordPress. And this was AFTER another sysadmin expert had “optimized” the site and proclaimed it to be as fast as possible. He was fast, effecient and the result of his work was outstanding speed and performance.

Willie Jackson

I asked Anthony for some help in setting up a server recently and it quickly became apparent that hiring him to do the work was the smartest move to make. In addition to being very patient and deliberate with his instructions while I struggled through a tutorial, Anthony maintained a wonderfully professional demeanor that made the situation less stressful for me.

I never felt pressured to hire him, but he was quietly confident in his skills so I offered to pay him for the work. An hour later, the site was migrated, set up, secured, and tested on a shiny new server that Anthony built. I now have time to enjoy my weekend and share good news with a client.

I’d recommend Anthony without equivocation.