It is assumed for all services provided that payment is made up front. If you have a large project or have other specific requirements in this area, please do contact us in the first instance and we can make suitable arrangements tailored just for you. Generally for projects of £500 or above I will accept an upfront payment of 20% of the invoice with the remainder due by project completion, but this is not automatically implied so please ask for this.

A project is defined as a task with an agreed beginning and end, eg server setup or an agreed period of time.

Somerset Technical Solutions Limited is a UK VAT registered company with registration number: GB140 6916 22.Where applicable VAT is charged to customers based in the UK and this is clearly marked on invoices.


As Somerset Technical Solutions only offers remote services, where a System Administrator’s time is the only real product, there are no “Delivery Charges”. If a job requires travel, this will be agreed beforehand and appropriate expenses included in the quote for work.


As server administration is a task of time, where the finished product is a provisioned and deployed server, once STS has started on a task we cannot offer a refund.

However, if STS is unable to complete the task due to problems on our end, we will first communicate with the client to work out the best solution and, if appropriate, we will offer a full refund if we have only spent a short amount of time on the task as a whole. It is our aim to always keep communication channels open so as to avoid these scenarios completely.

If you have a recurring service with STS, all charges are paid in advance during the billing cycle and are non-refundable. For billing cycles of 1 month or longer, and where a refund has been requested, please see below regarding cancellation.


STS does not offer a returns policy due to the fact that our work is based on Time, and due to the laws of the universe, we cannot currently return time (that is impossible!)


We appreciate that sometimes clients make mistakes when ordering services, or may change their mind before we start working on the project. If this is the case, simply contact us at the soonest possible instance before we commence work, and we will gladly cancel the service and offer a full refund. If we have already started and are a considerable way into the task, we reserve the right to request payment for at least the time spent working on the project.

STS reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee on projects of £500 or above if cancelled with less than 48 hours before STS is due to commence work. This will generally be no more than 10% of the originally agreed invoice or the forfeit of the initial 20% upfront fee, if that was paid.

If you have a service that is recurring with STS and wish to cancel it, please contact us to let us know at least 7 days before your next billing date and we can terminate your services for you. Please note that services will continue to operate until the next billing date if you have cancelled, but you will not be billed again unless you have other services with us. Therefore, if you cancel mid billing cycle you will get what you paid for, and you don’t have to worry about cancelling on an exact date to get the most out of the service.


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If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.