Somerset Technical Solutions are proud to work with a variety of clients both big and small. Here you’ll find a selection of some feedback we’ve received from our clients. Click the logos for more detailed feedback from our clients. If you’re interested in hiring us, take a look at the services we offer.

Anthony is our companies “Go To Guy” for our server and web support. He is always able to work through our technical issues and put them into terms I can understand. Anthony always takes the time to share his knowledge so we can make an informed decision on the next steps to conquer an issue.

Anthony and his team have provided an excellent, highly available server infrastructure that ensures our site remains available all the time. STS constantly monitor and suggest improvements and optimisations. I would recommend STS to anyone who realises that site downtime means lost revenue.

We contacted STS in 2011 to set up a high-availability cloud infrastructure for our high-growth e-commerce site. Setup took a surprisingly short time for the complexity of services and infrastructure, & provided us with the flexibility to accommodate the regular peaks and troughs of traffic we experienced

If I had to sum up Somerset Technical Solutions in a few words, I’d say they are honest, trustworthy, straight and practical talking which are all critical for working remotely. Whenever I have issues, they are always responsive and more importantly, proactive.

Anthony is responsible maintaining the infrastructure behind our global e-commerce site. Having tried many server management options he provides by far the most responsive & effective service. His speed of response and knowledge are second to none & represents fantastic value to our business.

We’re so pleased with how STS have dealt with us that we’re also migrating some of our clients over to them.

We can happily say we’d highly recommend them to anyone wanting exceptional support and service.

Our requirements demanded separate RoR and PHP stacks to run various sites; and the bandwidth to host our weekly podcast. Anthony now provides 24*7 monitoring, management and has always provided remarkably swift and effective support. In short I’m a very happy customer.

I’ve been a very happy customer of Somerset Technical Solutions for over 2 years. In that time I’ve never logged a call that wasn’t replied to promptly and efficiently. My business relies on my sites being up secure and running fast, STS ensures they are.

A friend recommended Anthony, and I feel so fortunate that he did. Instantly I felt like a load was taken off my mind. Anthony was prompt, professional and generously went that ‘extra mile ‘ to tweak and restore normality to my website.

I’m impressed. Really impressed. I go out, sit in a marketplace, drink beer and eat with my family, I come back, the server’s done. I can get used to this.

I also recommend Anthony highly. Amazing. Went from close to D score on YSlow to A score. Site now loads lightning fast consistently.

Anthony was easy to communicate with, efficient, and honest. I’m looking forward to hiring him again when I hit a geeky wall I can’t climb myself!