The Confident Mom – Hosting and Server Management

Anthony is our companies “Go To Guy” for our server and web support. He is approachable and knowledgeable; always able to work through many of our technical issues and put them into terms I can understand. It can be overwhelming to say the least, yet Anthony will always take the time to share his knowledge so we can make an informed decision on the next steps to conquer an issue.

Anthony is an expert in the field and proactively looks ahead to possible problems; making suggestions to solve them before they actually show up. This has saved a lot of headache and also headed off possible site outages, which in the end means lost income. Most importantly, he is personable and available, usually available for direct communication or will respond promptly – which is a life saver when your website is your livelihood.

I trust Anthony implicitly with our company’s server support and web solutions – he goes far beyond what would normally be expected, which is such a refreshing experience.

About The Confident Mom

The Confident Mom is a site run by full time mom, Susan Heid, who is an expert in her field of providing support and encouragement to new and old mom's alike as well as good solid advice and recommendations about family life and managing the household and parenting in general with a strong focus on good Christian values