JH – 24*7 Server Monitoring & Management

Somerset Technical Solutions help us with deploying sites, optimising third party servers and fixing any errors we have with them, as well as managing our own fleet of linux based webservers.

We’re so pleased with how Somerset Technical Solutions have dealt with us that we’re also migrating some of our clients over to them.

We can happily say we’d highly recommend them to anyone wanting exceptional support and service.

About JH

A digital agency based in Nottingham, England, specialising in delivering phenomenal websites. We love every client and treat their business as if it was our own. For us it's about going the extra mile to ensure that each website is different than the run-of-the-mill websites we see other agencies happy with. JH brings to the table an expert knowledge of all systems we work with and a decade of experience in commerce and the web to ensure clients' websites are in the best position they can possibly be.