Server Management

Somerset Technical Solutions are proud to offer a comprehensive range of server management products and services. We can support websites of all sizes, from those getting 100 visits per day to websites with 1000 hits per second.

Fully Managed Hosting

Web hosting is a stressful and costly sector for any business. Let us take away your worries with a fully managed web hosting solution. We’ll host your site on fast reliable servers, ensure you’re running with top-notch security, and operate remote backups of your critical data – all at an affordable monthly price!

We work with many hosting providers worldwide, thus we’re able to host your website almost anywhere you desire. We can provide shared hosting accounts, virtual dedicated servers, fully dedicated servers, all the way up to a clustered and redundant array of servers for high traffic and availability. All solutions are tailored to your website’s requirements, your visitor levels and your site’s bandwidth. Please contact us today for a no obligation, comprehensive quote.

Pro-active Server Management

Happy with your current hosting solution but need a helping hand to keep things running smoothly? No problem! We offer excellent value server management plans inclusive of server configuration, optimisation, security updates and 24*7 monitoring.

24*7 monitoring is the heart of any pro-active server management plan. Unlike some companies who use ‘ping’ as their sole form of server monitoring, we monitor deep down in to your server’s critical components. Everything from CPU load and utilisation, RAM utilisation, nginx or Apache workloads and error states, MySQL workloads and query times, disk utilisation, disk I/O, network utilisation and packet error states – and much, much more – is monitored on a minute-by-minute basis.

Server configuration is the difference between a fast and a slow website. Somerset Technical Solutions will fully optimise your server’s key components to maximise your website’s speed and potential. We tweak your web server, database server, storage layer and applications to run as fast and reliably as possible, allowing your website to scale higher than ever before! Don’t let a traffic spike take your website down, get optimised today!

Software and security updates are critical in the modern era of the hacker. Somerset Technical Solutions roll out security patches and software updates on your behalf to keep your server as secure as possible. No hackers allowed!

One-time Setup, Optimisation or Migration

Whether you’re moving your website to its first ever dedicated server, switching web hosts or to a bigger server, or your current server needs a performance boost, you can rely on the expertise of Somerset Technical Solutions.

We can fully manage a website migration from start to finish, while you put your feet up and relax! All we require is access to the source of the data and its new destination, and we’re good to go. Often, we can fully migrate websites with absolutely no downtime!