Website Services

Somerset Technical Solutions are proud to offer a comprehensive range of website services. We can cater for almost all website platforms, configurations and sizes. Please take a look at our offered services in detail below.

Website Optimisation

If your website takes too long to load, your visitors will spend their time elsewhere on your competitors’ websites. We can tweak your website’s code and stack to ensure your site runs at top speed consistently.

Often, CMS-based websites become clogged with a multitude of plugins that are either unused or unoptimised. You forget to update plugins, core CMS code, access and error logs build up, PHP is unoptimised – and this all leads to a slow website. We can fix this for you!

Website Design

Is your website design old and lacking? Allow us to give you a clean and fresh overhaul at an affordable price, embracing the latest web standards and technologies, and featuring all the functionality your site requires to become successful.

We specialise in WordPress and Drupal frameworks, two of the most powerful and popular CMS-bases on the web. We harness this power along with our design expertise and cutting edge server configurations, to deliver a fast and sleek website fully compliant with modern standards and feature-packed with the latest web technologies.

Website Content Updates

Old content is just as good as no content at all. If you need to update your website’s content but find the process too complex, we can do this for you. You provide the content and how it should look, we make it work. Simple!